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The Fallen American Veterans Foundation, Inc., (FAVF) is a 501c3 non-profit, co-founded with families of US Military Personnel Missing In Action (MIA) to "Honor the Promise" of "Leave No One Behind."

ADVOCATES for surviving families of the 83,000 US Military Personnel Missing In Action (MIA) since WWII through advocacy and proposed legislation.


EDUCATES the public, public officials and the US military branches regarding the US policy and its commitment to the Missing and their families.


REPATRIATES the remains of US Military Personnel Missing In Action (MIA).



The Fallen American Veterans Foundation, Inc. is operated in the spirit and belief that every US Service Person Missing In Action - whose body remains unrecovered - should be brought home to their families and a grateful nation. FAVF advocates for these fallen heroes, their families and friends, and for every service member that has served honorably overseas and in harm's way.
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FAVF's progress is measured by the number of search and recovery repatriation missions it accepts and moves forward through data acquisition, data analytics, and individual concrete mission plans written. Benchmark progress is further measured by legislation passed, the number of advocacy cases taken and resolved, and the amount of publicity generated and audiences reached.


While this mission is ongoing, discover the past efforts to locate and recover the USCG J2F-4 Grumman Duck air crew by reading "Frozen in Time" by Mitchell Zuckoff. For a signed copy of the book by the expedition lead, Lou Sapienza, contact the webmaster@favf.us
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